2012 Offshore 48 Catamaran Sailboat “hulls Kit”

2012 OFFSHORE 48 CATAMARAN HULLS KIT BUILT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We are now offering our 48′ High Performance Catamaran in a “Kit” form. The most difficult and important part of building any boat is the hull. One should not cut corners here…a poor hull design will ruin the boat. We can supply you with two 48′ catamaran hulls that have proven to be fast, smooth and extremely durable. The hulls are constructed of the highest quality materials available. Areospace grade epoxies reinforcing unidirectional fiberglass skins over a 25mm Divinycell foam core is standard. A super strong modern hull shape with a hull beam to length ratio of 14:1 assures you high performance. This is NOT a big, heavy and slow “French Production Charter Style” catamaran. This IS a sleek, light and fast “OFFSHORE CATAMARAN”. Remember this listing is for the two hulls and a complete set of building plans. For an extra charge we can also build any other parts you may need. In fact we can build this vessel to any stage of completion. To “sail-a-way” if you prefer. A Charter, U.S.C.G inspected, version is also an option. Please contact us before you purchase this “Hulls Kit”. We want you to fully understand what you will be recieving. Please allow a ten week building time for you HULLS. This a big project, however you can do it with our support. Go to our web site www.offshorecats.com for more detailed information. We have been building catamarans here in Palm Beach County Florida for 26 years. Our charter, cruiser and racer Catamarans are sailing from Hawaii to South America. Please contact me before you order. Thank you. Michael Bell 561-714-9045

Boat Price: 89000.00
Boat Location: Lake Park, FL

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